October 24, 20220
The ps5 dualsense controller is far better than any other controller, and people wonder how to connect ps5 controller Xbox one consoles. There is no such built-in support by Microsoft or PlayStation. But you can connect your PS5 Controller with Xbox One using Adapter, You can purchase it online or from nearest store. An example […]

October 12, 20220
It seems like every time we turn around, there’s a new console or controller devices on the market, and there’s no way to connect these devices to our favorite video games. The good news is if you already have a PS5 lying around, you can use a PS5 DualSense controller on switch. All you need is […]

September 28, 20220
The PS5 DualSense controller is compatible with a PC and allows for a deeper and more immersive gaming experience. By using the controller on a PC, gamers can access most PC games that were not originally designed for the PS5. There are no official PC drivers for the dualsense wireless controller, but you can still […]

September 24, 20220
There are two ways How to charge PS5 controller to make sure Dualsense stays charged up. This article will guide you how to charge PS5 controller. As you know PS5 Dualsense controller recently released. However, such features can make it a bit battery hungry and you didn’t get much long batttery life. The PS5 dualsense […]

September 23, 20220
Reset your PS5 Controller, when it won’t connect wirelessly This article helps you how to reset PS5 controller. This guide applies to the official DualSense Controller for the Playstation 5. How to reset a PS5 controller? Check out this guide for help with the PS5 controllers reset. It includes information on the reason and a […]

September 22, 20220
Sony’s latest gaming console has quietly been revealed and it’s called the DualSense Edge. The system looks pretty amazing feature makes and it will be able to handle virtual reality games better than previous versions. This dualsense pad, which is said to include gesture-based controls, can be found on the front of the controller. This […]

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