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Female Only

FitTogether gives you the opportunity to exercise WITH your baby.
A FitTogether class has you and your baby at the very centre of your exercise session – where you get fit while wearing and nurturing your baby. We provide the baby carrier for use in the session. It is an hour long with around 50 minutes of exercise specifically designed for the postnatal body. We exercise barefoot to utilise and hone the innate sensory systems of the body, reducing the risk of injury and maximising the benefits of exercise.
The classes focus on specific postnatal postural and core strengthening, using state-of –the-art exercise equipment and the latest specialist postnatal exercise science.
Helping boost energy, relieve tiredness, improve self-esteem, reduce depression, improve posture and lower stress...all with the often talked about happy by-products of weight loss and changes in body appearance.

The Northern Racket and Fitness Club

Provided by Fit Together

Alison McNeil

This session runs between January and December

Taster sessions - £7.50 PAYG Sessions - £10.00 Course of 5 weeks £40 Course of 10 weeks £75

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Alison McNeil

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