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A FitTogether Toddler class has you and your little one (or ones) at the very centre of your exercise session – you and your children get a workout together.

A fully adapatable (from high intensity to a giggle & a jiggle) 40 minute exercise session specifically designed for parents and for little ones confidently walking until starting school. Each class has a theme (from animals to toys and to the moon and back) and utilises storytelling & multimedia to help keep your little ones engaged whilst showing all the adaptations to the exercises for you. The class facilitates opportunities for lots of fun filled interactions with a great workout.

The session consists of:

specific strengthening and endurance developing resistance exercise with toys and props available for children to use
energy creating aerobics-style exercise (uplifting dance moves to music)
cool-down and stretching

The session and each exercise can be adapted to fit you and your child or children – your physical health, your stage of postnatal rehabilitation (if appropriate), your fitness, your needs and those of your family. We will always offer adaptations to each exercise so you can make it as hard or as easy as you like with an appropriate option for those who have brought their babies along too, as your baby can be a part of the class by being in a carrier (provided by us for use in the session). We have a time-out, feeding & changing area in the class, allowing you to l

The Northern Racket and Fitness Club

Provided by Fit Together

Alison McNeil

This session runs between January and December

Taster sessions - £7.50 PAYG Sessions - £10.00 Course of 5 weeks £40 Course of 10 weeks £75

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Alison McNeil

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