How to Turn off Mic on PS5 Controller

Sony’s latest gaming console has quietly been revealed and it’s called the DualSense Edge. The system looks pretty amazing feature makes and it will be able to handle virtual reality games better than previous versions.

This dualsense pad, which is said to include gesture-based controls, can be found on the front of the controller.

This Dualsense controller will allow you to swap back buttons with half-dome and lever designs. The back buttons can be remapped, so that you get better control of your device. Now gamers will be able to focus on their game while they are playing instead of fiddling with their console settings menu, thanks to the new :-*

Using a virtual controller makes it easy to swap between pre-set controls, adjust volume and balance between in-game and chat audio.

You must have used the PS5 controller to control your game, but did you know it also has a handy microphone built-in? It is possible to use voice chat in your Party without an external device input device. The controller will do the job for you, we will explain everything to you if you don’t know how to use the PS5 controller in Party.

PS5 Dualsense controller
Image Credit: Sony

So let’s jump right to the topic. How do you use the dualsense controller Mic in Party & Game Chat and how do you mute it?

How to turn on mic on ps5 controller

  1. You can open the Quick settings menu by pressing the PS button on your PS5 controller.
  2. Navigate to bottom, scroll to the right and select the microphone settings menu.
  3. A small window will pop up from the bottom.
  4. Make sure that the Wireless Controller is set on the mic.
  5. Click on the button at the bottom of the small window to adjust the mic level. If you save the controller mic level to a low value, it will work.
  6. The window for adjusting the microphone sound menu will appear after you click on it. To make sure the input volume is high, use the microphone sliders at the bottom and you won’t worry about your microphone doesn’t pick up everything in the background noise or even your thumbsticks and button clicks, so if you decrease the microphone level a little bit, it will pick up less noise. This will make it easy for others to listen to you, and will make sure that your sound output is clear and crisp.

    Image Credit Sony

Turn off mic on ps5 controller

If you don’t want other players to hear you while you’re online in a game but the PS5 dualsense controller mic is turned on by default.

We’ve got a trick for how to mute the microphone on the Playstation 5 that will keep you from broadcasting every word you say during matches. Don’t worry just disable your default settings to mute.

You may have thought it’s necessary to own a PS5 because you want to play the most beautiful games in the world but there’s a lot more to the system than that.

The PS5 system can record audio from your games, your controller speaker, and the microphone. The PS5 console will be the first PS4 Pro that doesn’t have this functionality by default.

The easiest way to quickly mute or disable the PS5 dualsense microphone is to simply  and alternatively, when you logged in home, you will also see a small gear icon in the top right corner of your screen. If you haven’t hidden it by pressing Options, you can use the PS mute button to access the control center icons along the bottom of the home screen, then press X on the mic icon and select the Mute prompt.

When you start a new game, your microphone muted until you un-mute the microphone option.

Image Credit: Sony

Check whether your dualsense controller’s microphone status is mute or not mute

Your controller is all set to be used as a microphone now. If the mic on your dualsense controller isn’t working or muted, you need to check microphone status when logged. In the Game Base option, navigate any of your party chat.  Go to the bottom and click on the Headphone option to join the party chat. If you are speaking now, you should find the microphone level by your name, go up and down. Everyone in your voice chat party can hear you because your ps5 controller mic is working properly. If you are still facing issues let check out this how to reset ps5 controller