How to Reset PS5 Controller

Reset your PS5 Controller, when it won’t connect wirelessly

This article helps you how to reset PS5 controller. This guide applies to the official DualSense Controller for the Playstation 5.

How to reset a PS5 controller?

Check out this guide for help with the PS5 controllers reset. It includes information on the reason and a solution to the problem. If you’re going to be resetting your PlayStation 5 controller, it’s a good idea to first read about how the effect and how it works.

You can try to fix the following problems by resetting your PS5 controller:

  • The PS5 controller isn’t pairing with your Playstation 5 console.
  • The wireless play isn’t working because of the problem with the Bluetooth connection.
  • If you would like to pair the PS5 controller with another device.

Ways to Reset the PS5 Controller

Two types of method to reset Ps5 Controller:

  • Hard Reset
  • Soft Reset

What to do if you don’t know to reset a ps5 controller.

  • Turn off the PlayStation 5 console and use a straightened paperclip to press the reset button on the back of the PS5 dualsense controller is called hard reset or factory reset.
  • A factory reset will fix the problems wireless connection of controller with the console.
  • To soft reset your ps5, turn off the ps5 console, or open the PS5 Control Center and select Accessories to turn off the dualsense wireless controller.

How to Factory Reset the PS5 Controller

To reset a PS5 controller to factory settings, follow these steps.

  1. Unplug the dualsense controller from your PS5 console and turn off it.

    How to reset ps5 controller?
    Image Credit: Sony
  2. On the backside of PS5 controller, check the small hole reset button. Insert a straightened paper clip pin or another pointy object like (sewing safety pin or sim ejector tool) into the hole and press and long press the button inside for five seconds. This step also called hard reset the ps5 controller.

    How to reset ps5 controller
    Image Credit: Sony
  3. Now Re-sync your controller with the console. Plug the controller to the PS5 console using the included USB-C cable and just press the PS button (Sony logo) .

    PS button on controller, How to reset ps5 controller
    Image Credit: Sony

How to Turn On and Off the PS5 Controller

Turning on and off the PS5 controller is called a soft reset. You can use a soft reset to fix a connection issue. If you turn off the PlayStation 5, your controller will also be turned off. You can use one controller to turn off the other controller if you have two controllers.

  1. Unplug your controller from the PS5 if you want to turn off.
  2. Press the PS button with the other controller to navigate the Home screen, and then press the PS button again from controller to open the Control Center menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, Select Accessories menu (the controller icon)
  4. Select the controller which one you want to turn it off.
  5. Select Turn Off. The LED light on the dualsense controller just inside the PS button should turn off.
Are you still facing Problems with Your PS5 Controller?

If your controller is still giving you connection issues after reset the PS5 controller, try the following steps:

  • Try to connect your controller with any other USB-C cable or try any other additional controller.
  • There will be no objects between the console and the Ps5 controller that can constrain the Bluetooth communication.
  • Update the firmware of the console. Navigate Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update and Settings > Update System Software.
  • If above instructions fixes still not resolved your problem then please replace the hardware or visit nearest service center Sony’s PlayStation Website.
Suggestion after changing default settings of PS5 controller