How to Connect PS5 Controller to Xbox One

How to Connect PS5 Controller to Xbox One

October 24, 20223min
October 24, 20223min
Dualsense controller

The ps5 dualsense controller is far better than any other controller, and people wonder how to connect ps5 controller Xbox one consoles. There is no such built-in support by Microsoft or PlayStation.

But you can connect your PS5 Controller with Xbox One using Adapter, You can purchase it online or from nearest store.

Image credit: Amazon Product

An example adapter from Amazon:

How to connect PS5 controller to xbox one using adapter

  1. You just have to purchase the adapter.
  2. Plug the adapter into Xbox console.

    Image Credit: Game Controller Review
  3. Using a wire, connect the PS5 controller to the adapter for the first time.

    Image Credit: Aplhr
  4. Press the PS button on the controller after removing the cable.
  5. The PS5 controller will be connected to the Xbox.

Lets enjoy your favorite Xbox game’s using PS5 DualSense controllers.

If you’re unable to connect you may need to reset your PS5 controller.


Q1. Can you use Xbox Controller to PS5?

No, you can’t use an Xbox controller on PS5. Because PS5 system is incompatible for Xbox Controller.

Q2. Is there any offical support for connecting PS5 controller to Xbox?

No, there is no official support by any company. However, adapters like the Brook Wingman XB, are not officially supported by both the PlayStation and Xbox, however, they will work.

Q3. How to connect PS5 controller to Xbox Series X or S?

Yes, you can connect PS5 controller to Xbox Series X or S, using same method as mentioned above using adapter.

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