How to connect a ps5 controller to pc

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The PS5 DualSense controller is compatible with a PC and allows for a deeper and more immersive gaming experience. By using the controller on a PC, gamers can access most PC games that were not originally designed for the PS5.

There are no official PC drivers for the dualsense wireless controller, but you can still connect a ps5 controller to pc. In this article you will learn how to Pair PS5 Controller to PC?

There are 2 ways to connect a ps5 controller to pc:

  • Via USB wired
  • Via Bluetooth or wirelessly

How to connect ps5 controller to pc Bluetooth adapter

If you want to connect ps5 controller to PC wireless connection, the dualsense controller can be used and your PC or laptop doesn’t have a built-in bluetooth receiver, you can buy cheap ones.

  1. Put your PS5 controller in pairing mode. (Don’t know How to put a PS5 controller in pair mode?)

    Pairing Mode PS5 Controller
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  2. Open your PC’s Bluetooth settings (Press Windows key, type “Bluetooth”, and select Bluetooth & other devices)
  3. Make sure, your Bluetooth is enabled & then Select ‘Add Device’

  4. A new window Pop-up ‘Add a Device’. Select ‘Bluetooth‘ to add other device (mice, Keyboard, pens, audio devices, controllers, and more) to add new device.
  5. Select your PS5 Controller in the available list of Bluetooth devices (Automatically detecting device).
  6. Light blinking on controller will stable, its mean controller is connected.

If you are asking to enter a pair code, you should type in 0000. You should be able to connect the PS5 DualSense wireless controller to your PC with the help of Bluetooth. No more wires, that’s right!

If you’re unable to connect your PS5 Controller to PC, You may visit this page if you want reset PS5 controller or you may visit this page if you have a charging problem.

How to connect ps5 controller to pc wired connection

If your PC doesn’t already have Bluetooth, no need to worry about it. In this content we’re  sharing a method how to connect a ps5 controller to windows pc wired.

  1. Simply Plug the USB-C type port in DualSense Controller & plug other USB-A port in your PC.
  2. Wait for your PC to recognize the controller (Plug and play).

Now you’ll be able to use PS5 DualSense controller to your pc with the help of USB cable.

How to add ps5 controller to steam games

What is Steam? You can buy, play, create, and discuss PC games on the steam platform. There are thousands of games on this platform, as well as ‘DLC’, ‘user-generated features’ and more. There is a “Big picture mode” while using steam on PC.

  1. Open Steam launcher (on Top left corner Click on ‘Steam’)

    Image Credit: Steam
  2. Click on ‘settings’, window pop-up.
  3. Select ‘Controllers’ from the Sidebar.

    Image Credit: Steam
  4. Open ‘General Controller Settings’ from PC.(ticked the ‘Generic Gamepad Configuration Support’ and ‘PlayStation Configuration Support‘)

    Image Credit: Steam
  5. Connect your PS5 controller (Wireless or Wired) to your PC.

You can see that you have a generic controller plugged in once connected, and may prompt you to configure it. Click on the device and select Define layout, id you don’t see.


Q1. How to put ps5 controller in pairing mode?

Press and hold the central PS Button for three seconds. The light bar in the middle of the controller should begin to flash.

Q2. Does ps5 controllers work on pc?

Yes, PS5 DualSense controller works on PC same as Xbox Controller.